Surely there has to be a better way to design the humble, yet easily destroyable umbrella… Well, meet the BLUNT umbrella.

The BLUNT umbrella is a massive leap forward in umbrella design. It’s safer, more durable and it has its own aesthetically distinctive style.

The creators have completely re-designed the frame to create a super tight tensioned canopy that is inversion resistant. The Blunt tips housed in the canopy pockets give the umbrella its rounded silhouette, and stylish look. But they also make it a much safer umbrella, reducing the risk of eye injury, and making it more durable by eliminating a traditional fail point in umbrellas.

The mechanics of this umbrella create a strong, aerodynamic canopy structure making BLUNT umbrellas better able to handle the elements.

Blunt Classic

BLUNT Classic

The BLUNT Classic (pictured) is the original and best performing design, but there are 8 different styles e.g. compact, light weight and golf size, available in a range of colours. The BLUNT Classic sells for $89 with free shipping.

The BLUNT umbrella is the creation of New Zealander Greig Brebner who is a Product Design Engineer. When living in London he noticed how unsafe umbrellas were and how they had become a commodity throwaway item. He set about re-inventing the umbrella unaware initially how constrained the design working area was. There is a good reason why umbrellas have not fundamentally changed for over a century and to re-design the mechanism was a huge challenge.

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