Looking for a budget-friendly and versatile, yet stylish storage option? Check out these multipurpose ply crates from Melbourne makers Like Butter.

These crates can be stacked into shelves, used as stools, or just keep your stuff in them. They even fit vinyl.

Paint them, stain them or varnish them. The possibilities are endless.

Prices start at $22 each and they come in a variety of sizes, with optional doors and lids available. You couldn’t even make them yourself for that price!

Ply Crates via Like Butter

Ply Crates via Like Butter

Like Butter is a Melbourne based design and fabrication business owned and run by industrial designer Jem Selig Freeman and sculptor Laura Woodward.

The duo has gained a reputation for their fresh approach to design and fabrication that is based on flexible and lateral thinking, strong aesthetics and considered detailing, in order to achieve the simplest and most effective solutions for the project at hand.

Check out the Like Butter website for their full range of lighting, shelving, bike stands and furniture.