Intuitive, compact, durable and easy to connect and recharge, the KAKKOii WOW wireless speaker makes your music portable. Small in size but big on sound it wirelessly streams music from any Bluetooth audio device.

Simply turn it on, enable Bluetooth on your phone or computer, and listen to your favourite songs through this smart, wireless speaker. Made from silicone, with a stylish, compact design, the WOW Speaker is about to become the boom box for our generation.

KAKKOii WOW wireless speaker

KAKKOii WOW wireless speaker

KAKKOii (Japanese: cool / awesome) is a boutique design company with a passion for making innovative, high quality products that fit the urban lifestyle. KAKKOii is the brainchild of Antonio Arevalo, a London based designer with an eye for distinctive and iconic design.

The name KAKKOii comes from the Japanese word for cool and the products introduced to the range aim to be just that. By taking a human-centred approach to design KAKKOii creates pieces that are desirable, useful and timeless.

$63 | Peters of Kensington