The Arden tripod fan is a stylish alternative to the traditional pedestal fan. Inspired by the clean and classic lines of an architect’s tripod, the striking timber legs and powerful three-speed motor combine functionality with great aesthetics.

Arden Tripod Fan in satin nickel

Arden Tripod Fan in satin nickel

Crafted from solid timber, the Arden’s unique tripod design is a refreshing take on portable cooling. Each leg is sculpted from North American Yellow Poplar trees – an abundant, fast growing hardwood timber species – and then preserved with a rich walnut finish.

Available in oil-rubbed bronze or satin nickel. Stands at 112cm.

The Arden has an oscillation mode that rotates the fan motor in a side-to-side sweeping motion. And it’s engineered to offer powerful cooling, so you can move it back and share the breeze across your living space.

$399 |