Blunt Umbrella

$109.00 Incl. GST

The BLUNT umbrella is a massive leap forward in umbrella design. It’s safer, more durable and it has its own aesthetically distinctive style. The BLUNT Classic is the original and best performing design, but there are 8 different styles e.g. compact, light weight and golf size, available in a range of colours.


The BLUNT Classic is the original high performance umbrella. This 2nd generation Classic is a full sized stick umbrella, the perfect umbrella for those needing good coverage, coupled with performance and style.

All BLUNT umbrellas are a revolution in umbrella design creating an aerodynamic robust canopy structure, making BLUNT the ultimate defense against the elements.

The creators of the BLUNT umbrella have completely re-designed the frame to create a super tight tensioned canopy that is inversion resistant. The Blunt tips housed in the canopy pockets give the umbrella its rounded silhouette, and stylish look. But they also make it a much safer umbrella, reducing the risk of eye injury, and making it more durable by eliminating a traditional fail point in umbrellas.



Diameter: 120 cm / 47 in
Coverage: 8950 cm² / 1390 in²
Length: 84 cm / 33 in
Weight: 640 g / 1.4 lb
Fabric: Polyester
Type: Stick Umbrella
The BLUNT umbrella is the creation of New Zealander Greig Brebner who is a Product Design Engineer. When living in London he noticed how unsafe umbrellas were and how they had become a commodity throwaway item. He set about re-inventing the umbrella unaware initially how constrained the design working area was. There is a good reason why umbrellas have not fundamentally changed for over a century and to re-design the mechanism was a huge challenge.