Maser | Higher Ground

Maser | Higher Ground

Sydney Festival presents Higher Ground – a vibrant and interactive maze, converging architecture, sculpture and visual art, as part of Sydney Festival which opens January 8.

Dublin’s most famous street artist Maser transforms Hyde Park with an installation and explosion of colours, shapes and stripes.

The Festival Village’s Artist in Residence and street-art master creates an architectural world of bold colours and hypnotic patterns, where Festival-goers can expand, traverse and explore their visual boundaries.

Inspired by M.C. Escher’s perspective-skewing artworks, Maser’s Higher Ground, reimagines a world of converging architecture and geometry on a grand scale. Reaching over two stories high, the work establishes an overwhelming and engaging presence within the city community. Part art installation, part photo playground, the installation relies on audience interaction to bring it to life.

Maser | Higher Ground

Maser | Higher Ground

Best known for his positive affirmations of love, Op Art style, arresting colour palette, stencil overlays of local icons and political subtexts, Maser’s geometric backgrounds now dominate his practice and have given rise to his most recent artworks. Examining geometry and space, the style of Maser’s work is imbued with Dublin’s history, inspired by the typefaces and colours from the hand-painted signs and adverts seen around the city between the 1930s and 1960s.

Maser’s public artworks can be found on the streets of Ireland, London, Austria, Germany, Copenhagen, Holland, Belgium, Prague, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Chicago and New York. Maser’s prints, photography and fashion label have taken off in recent years as his profile outside of Ireland has exploded.

Every January, Sydney Festival enlivens and transforms Sydney with a bold cultural celebration based on the highest quality art and big ideas. This year’s Sydney Festival, which opens January 8, features more than 100 cool events, 370 performances, 700 artists, in more than 30 venues.


Where | Hyde Park North

When | January 8 – 25, 9am – 9pm. Closed Mondays

Price | Free

Website |


Images: Sydney Festival